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Accessing the top 15% of talent in Leeds & Bradford

We’re the only recruitment consultancy in Leeds and Bradford that can offer you a
digital strategy proven to find the best candidates in just 72 hours! We do this using our
self-developed recruitment model, the Headway Insight Platform.

As a Managing Director or Hiring Manager, you may have come across these common problems:

  • The cost of hiring is increasing
  • Only finding average quality candidates
  • Finding someone you really liked but it didn’t work out
  • It takes too long to fill vital vacancies
  • Lack of continuity from recruiters

The fact is, you generally don’t have access to the top 15% of office staff. Hiring the right team is pivotal to your success, but these candidates are generally not in the market for
a new role

How do you access that 15%?

Most recruitment companies use standard methods such as:

  • Ads on job boards
  • Keyword searches on LinkedIn
  • Sending non-targeted emails and waiting for replies
  • Cold-calling likely candidates
  • Approaching active job seekers

So what does this mean? Using these standard methods means that you actually only have access to just 39% of candidates in the job market. Without the other 61%, you’re going to struggle to find that top talent that your business relies on.


That’s where we come in!

We explore 100% of the job market, proactively contacting candidates who are not currently looking for a new role. These are the candidates who are more likely to be in the top 15% of the talent available.

This means we get the right person first time, saving you an average of £2000 per hire!

What you’re missing out on

Graph showing Headway Recruitments placement stats

So how do we do this?

We’ve developed a system for attracting the best candidates for your role – the Headway Insight Platform.

We follow a 9-step process on all of our roles, from the beginning of the assignment through to the start-date and beyond.

    1. 1. Understanding Your Goals

      We sit down with you face to face to truly understand your needs and identify precisely what YOUR top 15% looks like and grasp your core objectives.

    2. 2. Local Candidate Expertise

      We keep in touch with candidates on a weekly basis. We have authority in the local job market, which enables us to act with speed.

    3. 3. Attraction and Authority

      Headway deploys a number of round-the-clock digital inbound strategies to draw active interest to your open positions from qualified passive and active talent.

    4. 4. Getting Behind the Mask

      All candidates submit a psychometric profile to us prior to our face to face interview. This gives us a real insight into what motivates an individual. How they will react in situations and how to get the best results from them to grow your business. Learn more about psychometric profiling

    5. 5. Looking Them in the Eye

      Our consultants are experts in face-to-face interview screening and use our NEADS process with every candidate.

NOW: What are they doing in their role?

ENJOY: What do they like most in the role?

ALTER: What would they do differently?

DECISION MAKER: Is there anyone else involved in the decision to move?

SOLUTION: What are they looking for in a new role?

  1. 6. Skills Testing

    Are they as good as the say they are? We test all candidates and can set up bespoke tests for your requirements.

  2. 7. Candidate Presentation

    You’ll receive only the top candidates that we’ve screened. This helps you avoid wasting time reviewing CVs and interviewing candidates who are not right for you.

  3. 8. Coaching Throughout the Process

    We guide you and the candidate throughout making an offer, handing in resignations, avoiding counter-offers, and managing the candidate through to their start date.

  4. 9. Retention

    It’s not over yet! We remain hands-on with both you and the candidate, checking in monthly to help you build high-performing teams that last.


So what does this mean for you?

  • Quicker hires
  • More time to focus on what’s really important
  • Less time micro-managing under-performing hires
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Saved money

DiSC Profiling

We’re the only Leeds & Bradford based recruitment consultancy to offer psychometric profiling as standard. We use the DiSC psychometric profile, which categorizes candidates into four styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Contentious.


DiSc profiling indicates the style that an individual is most likely to demonstrate in the work place. Understanding these preferences and priorities can help us to assess how well an individual will fit within your role, and your organisation.

How can DiSC Profiling benefit your business?

We’re the only Leeds & Bradford based recruitment consultancy to offer psychometric profiling as standard. We use the DiSC psychometric profile, which categorizes candidates into four styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientious.

  • Protect your office culture by finding team members that fit
  • Find the right person first time
  • Put the right people in the right roles for them
  • Understand your employees motivators and stressors
  • Remove unconscious bias from the interview process

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Headway are a great recruitment company. Friendly and polite and you get that feeling your more than just part of a target, they get you know you, and show a very keen interest in you throughout the process and after.

Personal shout out to Aimee Kinsella! Highly recommend her! LEGEND! Single Handily made the start of 2018 for me 10/10.