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Hire people that stay, thrive and achieve results.

Our "Insight" model uses psychometric candidate data to help you find the
'perfect fit' person for your organisation.

The purpose of INSIGHT is to ensure excellent staff retention rates by ensuring cultural fit as well as capability. It’s important that the right candidates are placed in the right roles, giving them the best possible chance of having a prolonged and positive impact on your business.

As an employer, access to INSIGHT means that you’ll see:
  • increased productivity
  • vacancies filled quickly and effectively
  • ongoing support from us beyond the initial placement stage.

Our 'insight' Process



Identify your brand using our archetype tool.

We'll then know what you stand for and find people who fit perfectly into your organisation. Get our latest salary survey data on your role. Pitch your role at the optimal salary.

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How we find the best – our search starts here

We have strong connections with candidates and are always proactive, looking beyond LinkedIn and the job boards to our own network. We use our AI software to identify the candidates that other searches may miss.



Receive a psychometric profile for each person

Compare their personality type to the role. Bespoke skills testing also included as standard. This identifies the best fit for your organisation.



Our video platform shows the best people answering your key interview questions

We also provide you with an interview template specific to their psychometric profile. Use data as well as your own intuition.



Going beyond the first day

We provide a training and development plan based on the candidates' individual psychometric profile. Take the guesswork out of candidate engagement and see the results from your new high performing team.

Customer's Insight Stories

Our customers tell the story of their 'INSIGHT' journey far better than we ever can.

Virgin Money

Headway Recruitment are the preferred supplier for Virgin Money. Supplying contract staff at their Head office sites in Leeds and Newcastle.


Our recruitment model allows us to match Virgin Money’s culture to high performing individuals. We use the latest technology, personality profiling and video interviewing to ensure the fit is always right.


Headway have recruited over 500 professionals for Virgin Money and CYBG over the last two decades. We review our performance quarterly to ensure we are continually delivering the best service possible.

Headway have consistently exceeded what we expect from an agency. They understand us as a business and what it takes for individuals to succeed. We know they can work to tight timescales and deliver on their promises. The people they place in the business have been instrumental in our continued success.

Xpand Marketing

Xpand Marketing are A Full-Service Agency Offering Online Marketing & Web Design Based In Bradford.


Culture is key at Xpand and our INSIGHT recruitment model has allowed us to find people with the right skills, personality and ethos to fit perfectly.


Headway have helped Xpand thrive and grow in the highly competitive digital field. With 4 key roles filled in the last 5 years the resulting business growth has been transformational. 

Headway were able to quickly provide a shortlist of interesting candidates. They also introduced psychometric profiling to our recruitment process. So we now assess how well candidates will ‘fit’ with our existing team and with the culture I want in the business. Now our new team is thriving and taking the business forward. Last year was our best year ever and the team are taking on more and more responsibility, so I can focus my time on where I add most value.”