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Looking for a new job? – check your Facebook and Twitter first!

Looking for a new job? – check your Facebook and Twitter first!

How To Get The Job Offer

More and more recruitment managers are researching candidates through their social media accounts before inviting for an interview so make sure your public persona says the right things about you. Your future employer doesn’t want to see pictures of you in some dreadful state after a heavy night out. Nor does he want to read your negative comments about your current boss/job or see pictures of what you have had for lunch! If you are applying for jobs but not getting invited for interviews, could your public profile be letting you down? Examine all your online activity. If you have been active for quite some time, looking at sites you maybe don’t use anymore (Bebo, MySpace). Have you ever created your own web page? Even you might be shocked when you look back at what you said and did!

If you are seriously looking for a new job simply because you want a change or because you want to advance your career use your social media to help rather than hinder. What you write on Facebook or Twitter can say a great deal about your communication skills, your personality and how you express yourself – check your spelling! If there’s a particular company you would like to work for, follow them on Twitter. Keep the balance right though. Companies don’t want to employ people who do nothing but work. You need to show that you have other interests, maybe fundraising, an unusual hobby or a sporting activity you are particularly involved in. Think about the skills you have which may be of interest to the company.

Rejected Resume

Your social media can help you nail that perfect job but it can also stop you getting it. We’re in a digital world so be mindful of your audience and be sure you impress!

April Barlow

By April Barlow

A proven recruitment expert. Worked with a range of clients across Leeds and Bradford from start-ups to multi nationals. Recognised for hiring all office based and management roles.
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