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Interim Recruitment

Interim, or temporary, recruitment takes place when a candidate is paid through an agency, as opposed to being paid by your company. 

Sometimes, the value of interim recruitment is vastly underestimated. Agency workers do great work, often under pressure and in times of crisis. Employers are recognising the value they bring, with the number of businesses taking on agency workers rising steadily. For us here at Headway, the most important piece of advice for our clients is to treat your temporary staff with just as much respect as you would your permanent team. If you don’t make the effort to get them on board with your company culture and values, you’re unlikely to get the best from them.

Read on for more information about the the benefits of hiring agency staff and what’s involved. 

Benefits Of Hiring Temps

The flexibility of interim recruitment makes it an attractive choice for employers and candidates alike. But what are the real benefits?


Your permanent staff may need some support. Your business might get busy at particular times of the year, or you might be looking to cover maternity or sick leave. Whatever it is you need, hiring temporary workers gives both parties a high level of flexibility. You can employ as and when the demand arises. You can look at what you’re seeking to achieve, the skills and experience needed to achieve it, and go from there.

At Headway, whether we’re recruiting for temporary or permanent staff, we follow the same process –  we let INSIGHT and psychometric profiling help us get the right fit for your business. As an additional bonus, the process for hiring agency workers is, as a general rule, quicker. 

You’ll learn a lot

Agency workers bring a lot to the table. When you hire a temp, you’re focusing on the specific skills and experience that you need in the here and now. Quite often, they’re not skills that you have in-house as standard. The likelihood is that you’ll learn a lot from the way temporary staff work and the knowledge they have. 

A fresh outlook

Interim recruitment is a brilliant exercise in diversity. Agency workers have often worked in a number of different roles within a number of companies – they’re a melting pot of different skills, experience and workplace cultures. You’ll meet a variety of different people with fresh ideas and perspectives and this will only serve to enhance your own company culture.

In terms of problem solving, a fresh perspective is never a bad thing. You might find that when your permanent team can’t see the wood for the trees, an objective temp can be extremely helpful. In fact, it’s often the case that the benefits of agency workers are still felt long after the temporary period of employment has concluded. 

Immediate results

Agency workers, particularly those who have temped on more than once occasion, are experienced at settling into new work environments and getting the job done. After all, that’s what they’re paid to do. If you’re after immediate results for a particular project, then interim recruitment for someone who can hit the ground running could well be the answer. 

There’s no strings attached

The bottom line is, when you hire a temporary worker, that’s exactly what you get. You’re not committed to costly benefit packages or a permanent salary, allowing you to manage any financial impact the hire has on your business. Do keep in mind though that temporary workers have the right to be enrolled into a pension scheme. You can find out more about that here

Hiring agency workers means that you’ll have the opportunity to try out a new role/position and see whether there’s enough work to make it permanent. There’s nothing to stop temporary becoming permanent. Your agency worker might impress you so much that you make it your intention to offer them a permanent post. 

The benefits of hiring temporary workers are immense. You can control the cost of your recruitment and keep it to a level that’s manageable for you. You can employ as and when demand arises, employ for specific projects, and even hire a member of staff to get you through a particular change or implementation.

The important thing is to ensure that you treat your interim staff with the same respect you’d give your permanent people. That way, you’ll ensure that they’re on board with your company’s culture and will do their best to promote it, regardless of how long they work for you.

Agency Workers Regulations

It’s absolutely vital that you understand the legal implications of hiring interim staff and the responsibilities that are involved for you as an employer. This is where it pays to put your employment needs in the hands of a professional recruiter like Headway. 

If you’ve hired temporary staff before, you should be familiar with the Agency Workers Regulations 2010. The Regulations exist to ensure that temporary workers are treated fairly, are not discriminated against, and are given the rights they’re entitled to. Some of these rights are valid immediately, others apply once the agency worker has completed the ‘qualifying period’ of 12 weeks. 

From the moment an agency worker takes on a role, they’re entitled to:

  • The opportunity to apply for any vacancies that arise in their place of work (they should also be provided with the necessary information about the role).
  • The same access that permanent staff have to communal and collective facilities such as staff rooms, toilets and canteens. 

Once an agency worker has been with your company for 12 weeks, they’re then entitled to:

  • The same rights in relation to holidays, pay and times of work.
  • Improved rights during pregnancy.
  • Auto-enrolment into a pension scheme.

The Process

When you hire agency workers, there’s a lot to consider. However, don’t let that put you off. As discussed above, there are numerous benefits to hiring temporary staff and when recruited properly, they can really work for your business. 

The first step if to decide which type of temporary worker you intend to use. There are 3 types: 

  1. Zero-hours contracts. Such contracts are very casual. There’s no commitment to a set level of work and you can call on them as and when the need arises. You’ll need to pay them statutory annual leave and abide by the National Minimum Wage requirement, as well as ensure their health and safety at work in the same way you do for your permanent employees. 
  2. Contractors, consultants and freelancers. These workers are self-employed and responsible for their own tax payments and National Insurance contributions. If you use them though, you’re still responsible for their health and safety whilst at work.
  3. Agency staff. Here, you enlist a recruitment agency to find the most appropriate workers for you and your business. The agency will ensure that any tax and National Insurance contributions are made, along with Statutory Sick Pay if this becomes applicable. 

Once you’ve decided what your requirements are, you’ll then need to pick a recruitment agency to work with. When you choose to work with Headway, we find the perfect agency workers for you. Each and every one of our temporary candidates are held to the same standards as permanent workers. We meet with our candidates face-face-to-face and use psychometric testing regardless of whether they’re looking for temporary or permanent work. 

You don’t have to worry about anything. Headway take care of payroll, tax and National Insurance contributions. We’ll even make sure that the their pension contributions are sorted. All you’ll need to do is sit back and welcome them to your team. 

If interim recruitment is something you’re considering, here’s our tips for employing temporary workers:

  • Have a recruitment plan and do a review of your employment needs on a project by project basis. This will help you decide which type of temporary worker will be of the most benefit to you.
  • Don’t scrimp on training. Your temporary worker needs to hit the ground running and will need any help that’s on offer to do this.
  • Be aware of the Agency Workers regulations.
  • Work with a recruitment agency that fully understands temporary workers and the rights and responsibilities involved.

At Headway Recruitment, our forty years in the industry means that we’ve got access to the very best candidates across west Yorkshire and beyond. We have a specialist temporary recruitment team, dedicated to finding the best agency workers for your business. To find out how we can help you with your interim recruitment requirements, contact a member of the Headway team now.

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