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Career Coaching & Rethinking Your Career

Career coaching, the art of discovering where you’re at; where you’ve been and where you wish to be, is rising in popularity and prevalence, especially with rising unemployment rates due to COVID-19.

Rethinking Your Career

Research has shown that 90% of workers are expected to need new skills by 2030 due to growing automation and digitisation, to ensure that the UK workforce can prosper in the future economy.

CBI’s report highlights how 21 million people will need basic digital skills, 16 million will need critical thinking/information processing skills, and other skillsets related to leadership, management and advanced communication will be sought after by employers.

In industries where learning and training opportunities are commonplace, such as nursing and teaching, continuous professional development is a way of life.

By expanding continuous training to the masses, workers may develop an understanding of their worth as they improve their knowledge across various industries.

In the long term, this may correlate with a higher individual self-confidence and can help every worker to progress their careers.

Young People & Self Promotion

A Guardian Jobs article describes career coaching as a ‘confidence building exercise’ and ‘a schooling in self-marketing’.

But what is career coaching? In essence, it’s a way of supporting people to make informed decisions about their career development and trajectory. Typically, it includes tuition on the various tools that can be used to meet these goals, such as CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

Younger generations are no stranger to self-marketing, with the subject being taught across university syllabuses, especially as enticing an employer to take a chance on a new graduate is getting harder by the year.

Even those who don’t take an academic route into the workforce are well versed in self-marketing. With follower accounts online becoming ever important, the only way to increase a following is to promote yourself to the masses.

This poses the question: is promoting yourself to an employer any different?

Young people may be one step ahead when it comes to rethinking career paths – after all, they have grown up in the shadow of the 2007/8 financial crash, maturing into a worldwide pandemic.

Side Hustles

In order to fill in skills gaps and stand out from the crowd to potential employers, many people are undertaking side hustles. These are jobs that are worked in addition to having a full-time job or studying with the aim to help people grow towards their career goals.

A survey has shown that 42% of recent graduates have a second job, showing the popularity among young people and how they’re deemed by many as a crucial stepping stone to future career goals. While there are many reasons for having a side hustle, such as becoming more financially secure, nearly a third of people’s reasoning behind their endeavours is to gain experience in the industry they want to work in.

Side hustles can also help people to enhance ‘softer’ skills such as excellent communication, time management and decision making, all of which will be appreciated by prospective employers.

If you’re looking for a change in career, contact our friendly team today to see how we can help.

Mark Gill

By Mark Gill

Recruitment Director with a proven record of providing world class hires at all levels of office and management positions within the Leeds Bradford region. We use our unique Headway Recruitment Platform incorporating psychometric testing to find the top candidates. If you want access to the full local talent pool get in contact with the team at Headway. We help companies achieve growth through our unique approach. This ensures the candidates we place are the perfect fit. Companies are then best placed to get the best from each individual as they understand their motivating traits. Proud to be recognised as preferred supplier for several businesses in the Sunday Times top 100 firms to work for.
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