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Brexit – A viewpoint from the recruitment industry

The Leave Campaign has won. June 23rd was a great day for democracy no matter what camp you were in as everyone (assuming you voted) had your say and a majority vote won. As a country, we now have to devise a plan to ensure our economy has no long term instability and we all work together, irrespective of which side of the fence you were on. I want to focus on Brexit from the recruitment sector point of view, which I feel is no bad thing. The obvious benefits will be the ability to swiftly implement a less controlling, more free-flowing and fluid workforce. Up until now, some companies have been unable to either employ or continue to employ people and also has meant that in some circumstances has had an adverse effect on employment altogether; particularly in high turnover roles where flexibility in a workforce is key. Another key factor is the length of the working week. As there is a cap on hours, this effectively caps both earning potential and profitability. With a new outlook on recruitment flexibility, this will instil confidence in both workers and employers to drive up revenue. Brexit will free up fluidity and freedom of movement for a flexible workforce. This can assist industry in these upcoming, uncertain times and ensure that any company residing in the United Kingdom regardless of origin will have the staffing in place to weather the storm ahead. Not only is it UK companies that have to consider the repercussions of an EU exit, but also companies which are EU and non-EU based here in the UK that need the support of our service industry to ensure that they are able to continue without hindering operation. These are unsettling times ahead for all companies irrespective of origin . Support is specifically crucial as we find ourselves in need of a coherent strategy from the government to instil confidence in the wider economy and to ensure that we have a plan which works on all levels. Recruitment is a barometer for the health of the wider economy. The real strength of the UK economy is its high levels of employment. Any developments in EU negotiations which jeopardise that will have profound effects for years to come. Every business now must move forward with positivity to the challenges that lie ahead. The recruitment sector will have an important role to play in that process as it has done in reducing employment steadily for years. I would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on this topic. Please get in touch at david.barraclough@headwayrecruitment.co.uk. Alternatively here is a link to my linkedin profile https://uk.linkedin.com/in/david-barraclough-5aaa7b13

By Liz Quinton

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