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Annabel’s top tips on accepting job offers and how to act after interviewing good candidates!

How To Accept A Job Offer This week, Annabel, who has been with Headway over 12 years, shares the stand out tips she has picked up in the time she has been in recruitment. Annabel talks about how and when to accept a job offer and gives her clients advise on how to act after interviewing top quality candidates (from Headway of course!). Over the next couple of months we will be sharing all of our recruitment tips and tricks. Each member of our team has a secret weapon you should be using when involved in the recruitment process. Whether you are a candidate looking for your new career or a hiring manager looking to take on a new member of your team, our top tips will ensure you achieve better success in the most efficient way possible. To keep up to date with all of our tips follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
April Atkinson

By April Atkinson

A proven recruitment expert. Worked with a range of clients across Leeds and Bradford from start-ups to multi nationals. Recognised for hiring all office based and management roles.
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