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Headway Recruitment October2016

The Impact of Brexit in Industry

It has been over 3 months now since the Referendum. From the largest % vote in recent history, are we are expecting a new age of Great Britain, or awful Britain? I wanted to investigate this further. I work in the recruitment field where I have the luxury of having a large amount of regular…

Twitter Spats, The British Press And How They’re Shaping CV’s In The Current Job Market?

I’m actually not sure whether this counts as a celebrity spat. However, this particular incident was a bit more interesting than the usual Twitter exchange. This was based on a comment made by the comedian and actor John Cleese about Fraser Nelson, the Editor of The Spectator. A highbrow exchange? Certainly not when the wider…

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Headway are a great recruitment company. Friendly and polite and you get that feeling your more than just part of a target, they get you know you, and show a very keen interest in you throughout the process and after.

Personal shout out to Aimee Kinsella! Highly recommend her! LEGEND! Single Handily made the start of 2018 for me 10/10.