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And The Award Goes To……

And The Award Goes To……

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Let’s get this out of the way first of all… I was shortlisted for an industry award last week. There I said it! The reason I mention it though is that it got me thinking about whether anyone else actually cares. So we conducted a short survey asking if it is important that a local company is nationally recognised for an award.


59% said No

41% said Yes


The theme that came out of the answers was that relationships, word of mouth and credibility are equally if not more important than awards. One respondent even went as far as to say that “…The worst company I ever worked for was one that frequently won awards! Often awards are won by the companies with the best PR department rather than the most talented and dedicated staff.”

Awards are abundant across the corporate landscape but do these really benefit anyone apart from the podium designers?! In a newspaper article this weekend the travel firm Expedia was awarded the accolade of Britain’s best company to work for. They are cited as having so many perks including free breakfast once a month, travel and health benefits. Tellingly though it was the mentality of the company that employees deemed most important; a friendly work culture with good work life balance and the flexibility of a small entrepreneurial company.

This strongly resonates with the feedback from our clients and candidates surveyed last week. Awards are very valuable when they reflect the culture of an organisation. People generally only see the merit in awards if they are backed up with real value and customer experience. If I decide to buy say broadband from an award-winning provider but experienced inept customer service I wouldn’t care how many awards they had. It all comes down to how companies actually live their values and deliver on their promises.

So to come back to my own nomination for Best Candidate Care award. I feel proud to have been shortlisted but ultimately philosophical about not winning. I will continue to strive for the best outcome for every candidate I work with and maintain my own and Headway’s high standards.

Huge congratulations to everyone shortlisted for the REC’s Institute of Recruitment Professional (IRP) Awards especially Susannah Lawson at Chefs Jobs UK for winning the award. We hope to see everyone next year. It was a fantastic night and we enjoyed celebrating all things great about recruitment with our peers from across the country.

By Sophie Webster

Annabel Lewis

By Annabel Lewis

A proven recruitment expert. Working within recruitment since 2004 with a wide a range of clients across Leeds, from start-ups to multi nationals. Recognised for the hiring of office based, management and engineering roles.
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