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Valerie Lewis

Valerie began working with Headway in 1981 and remains dedicated to her profession. She has seen a lot of changes to the industry, most notably the way in which we communicate. Communication has gone from posting handwritten letters to posting in the Cloud! Recruitment is no longer centred around hundreds of jobs being advertised in each Thursday’s Yorkshire Evening Post, it’s now done online. However, Valerie is clear that “despite breathtaking changes in technology, Headway has remained constant in its honest approach and commitment to growing businesses and building careers”.

Valerie’s psychometric profile is DI. Those with the DI style tend to prefer action. They’re results-driven and work hard to accomplish their goals. This describes Valerie perfectly. She’s energetic in her approach, is a lot of fun to work with and consistently inspires others.

Valerie says: “I’ve loved nearly every minute of my job since the day I started and I’m now relieved, after completing my psychometric profile, to find that I’m 91% suited to my role! According to my profile, I tend to make decisions more quickly than most people. This is me to a T, both at work and in my personal life. One of the fastest decisions I’ve ever made was to join Headway. I have no regrets!”.