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Jacqui Teale

Jacqui has been working with Headway since 1989, giving 30 years of dedicated service. Originally employed to work on the permanent division, which she did for 14 years, she now works closely with her colleagues on the temporary division in the Leeds city centre office.

Jacqui’s knowledge of the recruitment industry is second to none. Experienced in both permanent and temporary placements, she has seen the industry change and evolve over time. One thing that hasn’t changed? Jacqui’s passion for helping companies find the right people. She’s always delighted to have the same companies come back time after time for her help.

Jacqui’s psychometric profile is IS. A born harmoniser, Jacqui is collaborative and thoughtful when making decision, prioritising the needs and feelings of the people involved rather than pure logic or efficiency. Don’t be fooled though, she knows how to get the job done!

Of her time in recruitment, Jacqui says: “personalities are key, and my friendly and open personality has always held me in good stead when building relationships with clients and candidates alike. This has been proven often, when clients have remembered me many years after first meeting them. I’m confident that I do make a lasting impression. Although it is important to be professional, it comes naturally to me to put people at ease, which in turn helps me to get more out of my clients and candidates”.

Unfortunately recruitment consultants are well known for moving from one job to another and not sticking with the same company – Jacqui is always very keen to let her clients know that clearly this doesn’t apply to the employees of Headway. You can see Jacqui’s thoughts on her time in recruitment here