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April Atkinson

April has been working at Headway since 2013 after graduating from Leeds Beckett University in Marketing and Advertising Management. Based in our Leeds city centre office, she co-manages the temporary division. She also uses her marketing knowledge to manage our social media pages.

April states that she still gets “that same buzz when helping people find a new job” as she did when she made her very first placement.

April’s psychometric profile is DI. Those with the DI style tend to me decisive and energised by ideas. They favour action over analysis and look to the big picture over details. This reflects completely April’s dedication to helping the business grow and helping us be a recognised and respected brand.

Of her profile, April says: “I definitely don’t struggle to make decisions and I always look at the bigger picture and “take a step back” from situations in order to judge them properly. This helps me not to take

life too seriously and not let things get me down, I always look on the bright side of life and the glass is definitely always half full in my eyes (usually of wine!)!